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Regent (Red)

Red is the perfect colour for so many occasions, and the Regent stationery collection is ideal for them all. For an event that falls near Valentine's Day or the Christmas season, the red used in the collection gives your event a festive feel, but in a design that is refined and regal. During other times of the year, our Regent stationery range will instantly capture the attention of your guests and prepare them for a sophisticated event that promises to be memorable.

The Regent stationery collection features a large brocade embellishment shown in solid red against a white background. A banner trimmed in red runs across the card, interrupting the design and instantly drawing the eye to the main message of your card. The font used on the invitations, enclosures and cards in the collection consists of block capital letters given special flourishes to make them more elegant. A mix of red and black colours is used for the writing.

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