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Red Roses

A bouquet of red roses is a traditional token of love often presented by a man to the woman that he adores. The Red Roses stationery collection uses the image of these symbolic flowers as its focal point and is sure to set a romantic tone for any wedding. In addition, the invitations, enclosures and cards in the collection are very fitting for anniversaries or any other event for which you wish to set an intimate or elegant tone.

The design of the Red Roses stationery collection is oriented vertically with the card divided into two distinct regions. One-third of the card on the left features the main image--bright red roses in full bloom. The blossoms are seen up close, so that every delicate petal is visible and lifelike. To the right of the image, a solid white area is provided for your text and is separated from the roses by a thick black border. The wording for stationery will be printed in matching black.

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