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Meadow (Turquoise)

Bright and beautiful, the colour of turquoise instantly brings exotic, distant locales to mind, such as Caribbean resorts with warm, blue waters. The Meadow stationery collection brings the bold shade of turquoise to life in a design that incorporates flowers that could be found in any scenic stretch of land here at home. The mix of dramatic colour and local beauty makes the invitations, enclosures, cards and other items in the range unique and ensures that they will make an impression on the guests to your event.

The perfect stationery for a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, a shower and many other occasions, the Meadow stationery collection features a bright turquoise background on the top two-thirds of the card. The design incorporates a host of wildflowers like Queen Anne's lace and daisies, all shown in soft white with a semi-transparent finish. Your text will be printed in a white box in the lower third of the card, and a turquoise line separates the two regions for added style.

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