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Meadow (Pink)

Whether you're planning a wedding that will be incredibly romantic or a shower that you wish to be especially feminine, the Meadow stationery collection is ideal. With its delicate imagery and bold pink colour, the stationery collection is perfect for a wide variety of occasions. The invitations, enclosures, cards, order of service programs and other items in the collection are made with exacting attention to detail, ensuring that each one is flawless and ready to be sent to the guests who will be invited to your special event.

On the cover of every item in the Meadow stationery collection, you'll find a two-colour design where a bright hot pink dominates the image. In this space along the top of the stationery, a meadow full of wildflowers is seen in full bloom. The detailed drawings make it possible to identify every species of flower, and the blossoms are semi-transparent to create an elegant effect. The wording for the stationery is spelled out in hot pink against a white background.

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