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Love Birds

Love birds are aptly named creatures, as they tend to mate for life and are known to roost next to their partners and cuddle for most of the day both in nature and when kept as pets. Our Love Birds collection was inspired by these friendly birds who epitomize commitment, loyalty and, of course, love. Ideal for use as wedding stationery, our Love Birds line incorporates the traditional image of the birds into a modern design.

At the center of each card and invitation in the collection, the birds are seen in silhouette perched upon a wreath. You can almost sense the feathered couple staring lovingly at one another in the scene, perhaps even harmonizing a beautiful birdsong. The wreath itself is a collection of leaves and swirling tendrils, and a single, thin vine winds its way across the top of the card, creating a beautiful border for your message. The Love Birds collection features a simple, yet elegant font to match the charming design of this romantic stationery.

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