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The ancient Druids once spent time in hours of quiet contemplation, studying the forms of the hazel tree. They were drawn to the intricate patterns created by the branches, which twisted and turned as they reached upward toward the sun. Because the hazel tree could inspire such awe, its branches became a symbol of creativity and wisdom, and this symbolism remains to this day.

Largely associated with Celtic traditions, the hazel tree is the focal point of our Hazel collection. Here, the tree dominates the left side of the stationery with its wispy branches shown in intricate detail. At the center of the design, two small birds fly across the page, perhaps going off on an adventure after resting on the hazel branches. The text on the Hazel collection stationery blends in perfectly with the lines of the tree and the soft look of the birds, creating a unified design that is perfect for weddings, anniversary parties and other elegant events.

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