The Average Cost of a UK Wedding in 2013 Infographic

How much? The shrill cry echoed by many grooms (and brides) as they navigate their way around their first wedding fair. However it’s not as bad as it first seems. So to kick off our shiny new blog for the right invite we thought we would create a smashing infographic about the cost of a wedding in 2013.  So here it is……You can use this infographic on your own site/blog if you follow the instructions at the base of this...

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The new DigiPrint Graphics Blog

Welcome all………to what we hope will be the first of many posts on our shiny new blog.  This blog is intended to cover quite a wide range of topics relevant to The Right Invite and our company DigiPrint Graphics Limited.  So instead of pushing lots of slightly tedious content about the latest and greatest invitations we will be covering quite a wide range of topics of interest to us as a company including invitations, weddings,...

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