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During the Victorian era, beautifully decorated cages containing a pair of doves were displayed at wedding receptions. When it came time for a couple to depart for the evening, the doves were released as a symbol of peace and prosperity. While today the practice of releasing doves has largely fallen out of fashion, the birdcage remains as an enduring symbol of weddings.

The Victorian birdcage serves as the inspiration for our Birdcage stationery collection. At the center of the design, a beautiful bird cage is shown in pink, and inside, a pair of doves can be seen roosting together. Along the margins of the card, tiny pink dots create a stylish vertical border, framing both the image and the message printed on the stationery.

Ideal for a Victorian themed wedding, the Birdcage stationery collection features a sage green and pink colour scheme for its messaging. The Victorian look of the birdcage contrasts beautifully with the elegant capital font used in the design, making the Birdcage line the perfect mix of something old and something new.

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