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Among all of the plants that are native to China, there are perhaps none as durable and resilient as the bamboo. To the Chinese, bamboo symbolizes fortitude and longevity due to its natural strength, and when used in conjunction with romance and love, means that a relationship will last forever and stand the test of time. The touching symbolism of the bamboo plant makes the Bamboo Chinese Wedding Invitation Collection the perfect way to celebrate your commitment to remain together forever.

The invitations in the range feature bold burgundy backgrounds with bright green, leafy bamboo stalks featured off on one side, as if they were growing along the border of the invitation. Chinese characters are shown in the lower right-hand corner with your names and the date of your wedding featured prominently at the center of the design.

The matching invitation accessories carry on the bamboo motif, but many incorporate white backgrounds to add variety to the enclosures and other stationery that you'll be using for your big day.

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